Online Courses

Online Courses

On-line, in studio and on-site courses help you examine how you live today and dive into how to make small adjustments to major life changes. Learn simple principles and how to integrate them into your life to support and attract your best life. Take one, a few, a series or engage in a certification.

Feng Shui 101

Learn the origins, Bagua map and basic practices of Feng Shui. Understanding the simplest of concepts can empower you to see your surroundings through a new lense.

Feng Shui 102

Learn how to engage Feng Shui insights presented in Feng Shui 101 in your home and life. Simple adjustments can improve your life and environment.

Space Clearing 101

Learn about energies that influence your environment and how to improve your surroundings. Discover the science and practical execution of clearing space.