Would you like to experience the world with more presence and awareness? Join Anni in amazing places to engage the location, historic sites and/or art as you never would have before. Explore the humanities and take time to understand how you affect your experiences and learn how your environment affects you in places like Sedona, Paris, New York City, London or in your backyard.


Have you ever been to Red Rock country? Meet me there and join me for half day or evening gatherings to explore and have the remainder of day to venture on your own. Learn how to honor Mother Nature, how she can speak to us and how to get quiet, listen and be present. Learn how you affect your experience and the influence environments have on us. We will explore local sites that invoke one of a kind experiences, energy, energies of land, air & water and investigate what we most need to learn from this adventure. Travel, accommodation and length of trip is yours to book, meet me there for deep learning, experience and conversation. Dates to be published four to six months beforehand.

Your Own Backyard

Whether you literally have a backyard or not, you live in an environment that is full of learning opportunity. This excursion allows you to adventure in your own space to learn more about you, where you live and the humanities that influence your everyday experience. While possibly you wouldn’t consider this an exotic travel trip, when is the last time you explored your surroundings without a place to go or something to accomplish? While Anni will be facilitating this journey via cyber connection, it is full of potential for you to be more present, become more aware and learn more about yourself through the reflection of your environment. Half day and evening meetings will be scheduled throughout the year for you to join.