Living Symmetry is an interior design approach that aligns living/work spaces with goals and intentions. Based on the fundamentals of Feng Shui, Living Symmetry is a multi-cultural approach encompassing ancient knowledge from around the world about how to help people structure their environments in a way that supports and stimulates their greatest desires. Utilizing your furniture and belongings, Living Symmetry’s practical approach focuses on the placement of objects and elements within the home/office space in order to promote balance and clarity. Grounded in the belief that people are a reflection of their environment, Living Symmetry offers clients the opportunity to optimize their home/work spaces, so that each day these spaces empower and motivate them to achieve goals and manifest dreams.


Align your Home or Business for:


Major life transitions (marriage, divorce, partnerships, new child, empty nest, etc.)

Selling or purchasing a home or business

Moving into a new home or apartment

Expanding new business or taking on new venture

Facing/recovering from health challenge and more….


“Anni Kemp has a gift for helping others to shift issues in their lives. She certainly helped me with a major shift in my life… The result was, in less than a week after her steps, the house started receiving showings. And, the following week, the house was sold. I am grateful to Anni for her wonderful work, which shifted the energy in the house, and made it available for a new owner.”
~ Karen I

“She is dedicated to the art of Feng Shui and I believe you will find her to be an enthusiastic, capable and committed.”

~ Danita K

“As an energy practitioner myself, I can say, without any doubt, that Anni is one of the best Fung Shui practitioners I have had the joy to know.  Her intelligence is only outshone by her willingness to go beyond the boundaries and try unconventional ideas.  She truly has an art for creating living symmetry in any space she works in.”

~ William S